Industrial Knives


At European Sharpening, we understand how inconvenient it can get if your knives don’t function properly. We also recognize that each job you undertake requires a knife that will consistently deliver accurate, clean, and even cuts without hampering your daily activities. Trust us for professional industrial knife sharpening services anywhere in Western Canada.

With our sharpening services, your knives will be reground to the same precision tolerances as new ones with a minimum amount of material removed in order to maintain a high level of productivity and quality. Our precision grinding and honing services achieve the strongest and sharpest cutting edges possible.

The key benefits of a scheduled sharpening program will not only keep your knife edges sharp but also help you minimize replacement blade costs, reduce knife inventory, and maximize machine performance.

We provide our services for print shops, paper suppliers, and more for knives, including:

  • Paper knives
  • Grinder knives
  • Custom profile knives
  • Metal shears
  • Meat slicers
  • Profile knives
  • Carbide knives
  • Granulator knives
  • Shear knives (up to 8 feet)
  • Shaper knives
  • Ice knives
  • Planer/jointer knives
  • Chipper knives
  • Zamboni/ice knives
  • Shaper heads
  • Insert tooling